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Why use the online typewriter

The online typewriter is a non-profit studies project which is designed on base of 20 years of experience and scientific studies as learning tool for touch-typing. You can use it with your classes/students or just learn typing by your own. The main features and benefits are:

  • No installation required - it runs on your web browser.
  • No costs - it is free and always will be.
  • Constant - students work with the same plattform at school as at home.
  • Time-saving - corrections, class-management, assessment is are done by the online typewriter
  • Overal view - With class-list and the famous type-o-meter you have control on students work and performance
  • Multifunctional - teachers can manage more classes, put tests and exercises online ...
  • Motivation - students success is visible for themselves so instruction works fine.
  • Self control -Students get information about their Work an react in the right way to get better.
  • Individual- Every Student is supported individual based on his work.
  • Reliable - The typewriter is online since 2002!

More Material

... coming soon. Questions, suggestions, ideas - just mail to info(at)

Good Luck!
Thomas Schroffenegger
University of Education Austria/Vorarlberg
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